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2023 Area Study

The City of Newport completed a study focusing on the 7th Avenue and Hastings Avenue corridors in 2023.  The goals of the study were to better understand the needs of the community and the market demand. The study included community feedback, market analysis, and short and long-term development opportunities. The Steering Committee worked with HKGi and LOCi Consulting to provide recommendations to the City Council and Planning Commission on viable options to continue the growth of Newport.  

Study Area

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Presented Documents
Newport Commercial Small Areas Study 
Market Analysis for Redevelopment in Downtown Newport
Market Analysis Presentation
Downtown Redevelopment Plan
Public Listening Session Letter (July 12/13, 2023)
Public Notice Letter (February 13, 2024)

Area Study Committee Members 
Laurie Elliott, Mayor
Marvin Taylor, City Council Member
Brandon Leyde, Planning Commission Chair
Maria Bonilla, Planning Commission Commissioner
Joe Hatch, City Administrator 
Travis Brierley, Assistant to the City Administrator
Nathan Fuerst, City Planner
Kevin Clarke, HKGi
Grant Martin, LOCi Consulting LLC

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