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Report an Odor


The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) can investigate odor complaints that are coming from a company or facility.

To submit an odor complaint, you can do one of two options: 

1.  Call the Odor Complaint Hotline at: 651-296-7300  or
2.  Submit an Online Odor Complaint using this link: https://www.pca.state.mn.us/complaints  (sign in as a guest)

Additional Information: 
  • You can remain anonymous when submitting a complaint.  If you wish to be contacted by the MPCA staff regarding your complaint, once any deemed investigation has been completed, you will need to leave your contact information.  Minnesota law prohibits staff from discussing open investigations, including planned or completed inspection dates or findings with members of the public, including reporting citizens, until the case is closed.  Investigations can sometimes take several months, so your patience is much appreciated. 
  • Be as detailed as possible when reporting your concerns.   
  • When you submit a complaint, you should receive an identification number.  Hang onto this number should you ever need to follow up.  Staff can easily locate your complaint by this number.