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Before You Sell Your House - Do These 3 Things: 

Three Things To Do Before You Sell Your House in Newport:

1.  Televise Sewer Main-
No property connected to the City of Newport's sanitary sewer shall be sold unless the property sewer lateral has been inspected and is in compliance with City standards.  The city offers this service at no cost to the resident.  Click here for the City Code.

2. Pave Driveways-
The first 40 feet of the driveway or the driveway area between the street and garage, whichever is less, shall be paved with concrete, asphalt or an acceptable surface that meets the city's public works design manual, except for properties whose main access is on a non-paved roadway. Click here for the City Code.

3.  Meter Reading- The City will read a water meter on the day of sale for $25 and provide a final bill.  Call City Hall (651) 459-5677 at least 3 business days prior to closing to schedule the meter read.