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Water Conservation Grants

The City of Newport, in conjunction with Washington County, has rebates for residents and business owners to promote water conservation.  This program includes rebates for replacing old clothes washing machines with Energy Star clothes washing machines, replacing old toilets with WaterSense toilets and installing a WaterSense irrigation controller.

The rebate is 50 percent of the cost of the item, up to a maximum of $100 for an Energy Star washer, $50 for each WaterSense toilet and $100 for a WaterSense irrigation controller.

To quality for the rebate program:

  1. Applicants must be Newport residents or business owners.
  2. Properties must be connected to City water.
  3. Products must be purchased and installed at the address listed on the utility account.

Click here to download the clothes washing machine rebate.

Click here to download the toilet rebate.

Click here to download the irrigation controller rebate.