Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Utility Billing

D39E631A-3C9F-4598-B47E-3D8CDC9D0D99_Web*Reminder if you are sending payments through your bank for utility bills, please update the mailing address:
Newport City Hall
2060 1st Avenue
Newport, MN 55055

Utility Payments are Due:
January 31
April 30
July 31
October 31

Pay at City Hall

The City of Newport bills its residents for water usage on a quarterly basis. Payments are accepted via mail, at City Hall by check or cash or at the drop box located next to the front door of City Hall. 

Pay Online
Click here to pay online.  Residents and property owners can pay their bill through their bank checking or savings account without a fee.  The fee for using credit, debit or PayPal payments is 3.3 percent (+ $0.50 for payments under $100). Utility bill payments can be made by calling 1-877-885-7968 for an additional $2.95 fee.

Lines on the Bill:
  • Water is the amount to ensure water quality and maintain water pipes, wells and reservoirs
  • Sewer is the amount to maintain city sewers
  • Street Lights is for the expense of all street lights and stop lights to pay Xcel Energy charges
  • MWCC is Metropolitan Waste Control Commission (cleaning of the sewer water to be put back in the environment)
  • Storm Water is to maintain city storm ponds and storm drains
Water bills vary based on the amount of water used.  If you think you have a leak, check your water meter when you know that no one is using water.  If the dials on your meter are moving, please contact a plumber.  The City has a minimum base charge for water, sewer, storm water and street lights. A discount for seniors 65 years and older can be applied for at City Hall.

Moving?  How to set up or cancel an account. 
If you are moving in or out of Newport, please contact City Hall at 651-459-5677 at least a few days prior so a final read can be taken.